Aeroyoga aerial flow yoga

Aerojoga is a classic hatha yoga, flow yoga transferred to a hammock.

With the help of a durable hammock, a person performs soft loads that lead to natural muscle development and joint mobility. There are no restrictions on age, only on the state of health, if there are any contraindications from the doctor.

Someone comes for health, someone for flexibility, someone to gain confidence in himself, to discover new inner possibilities and possibilities of his body, to cheer up … the ways are different for everyone.

Many come to the first lesson out of pure curiosity, but by the end of the lesson they notice positive changes in their condition. The peculiarity of the hammock is that it does not hinder movement, gives complete freedom during classes. This is not a simulator on which you can make movements back and forth, a hammock allows you to take a huge number of different poses and works out the flexibility of individual parts of the body. Most asanas in a hammock are associated with spinal traction. Yoga in hammocks gives you the opportunity to stretch, relax, take the anatomically correct position of the back.

In the hammock, the muscles that do not work in everyday life begin to work. Exercises trigger all actions in the body, the immune system, the reproductive system, hormones in women, the cardiovascular system, and the vestibular apparatus normalize – this is already noted at the 4-5 session. Inverted asanas trigger the rejuvenating process in the body, improves the complexion, the muscles become more elastic.

When performing exercises in a hammock, not only the major major muscle groups are trained, but also the stabilizing muscles, creating a harmonious muscular frame of the whole body. When performing exercises at the same time, various muscle groups work to maintain balance in the swinging hammock, maintain body weight, and promptly turn on when the body position changes. It is important that the load on the muscular system is always sufficient and tangible, but not excessive, because limited to its own weight.

Our mind is constantly working. Going beyond the limits of the usual comfort zone and the need to maintain balance, they train mental concentration. Overcoming fear, self-doubt, turning off the internal dialogue are necessary aspects of yoga in the air, which leads to clarity of mind, awakening of the “sleeping” reserves of the brain. This leads to an increase in beneficial brain activity and an improvement in brain activity.

In inverted poses, we stimulate the pituitary gland, which in turn releases hormones. The level of serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline begins to increase, and endorphins begin to flow into the blood. These hormones affect the sense of well-being, help to eliminate anxiety and depression.

Yoga in a hammock gives an excellent ability to work with your own body in three-dimensional space. Gravity acting on a body in a hammock, allows you to unload the musculoskeletal system, relieve the spine and release tight joints. A hammock allows practicing yoga to those who due to hand or back injuries cannot perform separate asanas on the rug.

The advantage of yoga in hammocks is the removal of fatigue, the body of the person very quickly and deeply relaxed, the mood will rise. Each lesson is a mass of positive.

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