Aeroyoga for pregnant women

Pregnancy and childbirth is a huge burden on the body, it is necessary to prepare for them.

And in this regard, Aeroiog will be very helpful to all expectant mothers. Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s physical activity decreases, and sports and fitness become inaccessible. Aero yoga does not create excessive loads on the body and allows you to prepare for childbirth, and also quickly restore the tone after birth.

AirYoga for pregnant women

AeroYoga for pregnant women

Aero Yoga brings the practice of classical yoga to a hammock. Yoga in a hammock includes the struggle with the effects of gravity, and in pregnant women also with the displacement of the center of gravity. Being in a suspended, relaxed state in the air relieves stress on the muscles, thereby increasing flexibility. This practice is a fairly new addition to various types of yoga.

Yoga for pregnant women

AirYoga for pregnant women

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