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Aeropilates is a new exercise technique. It has the same advantages as traditional Pilates: there is an intensive study of different muscle groups with a small load on them. With regular exercises, the posture is leveled, the figure is tightened and the state of health improves.

Using a special design – hanging hammock – creates the illusion of flying in the air and facilitates the exercise. Therefore, aeropilates is suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness and is ideal for those who have just decided to start working on their body, pilates for beginners.

Aeropilates – the path to a healthy body and spirit

Aerogamak is used to securely fix certain parts of the body in a suspended state when others are involved in active work. For aeropilates is characterized by a specific sequence of exercises with a smooth transition from one to another. The exercise is designed in such a way that all of them are part of the program and their turnover ensures the tension of different muscle groups to achieve the best result. The advantage of using a hammock is to reduce the load while maintaining efficiency.

Use of aeropilates:

  • 1. Pilates classes are primarily focused on working with muscles. Therefore, with their regularity, the figure becomes more taut and sporty.
  • 2. Part of the exercise pités is aimed at stretching and stretching the spine. Increases flexibility, eliminates the clips of nerve endings between the vertebrae, which has a positive effect on overall health and blood supply to the brain.
  • 3. Aeropilates are great for those who want to lose weight. Intense, but soft load burns calories in an accelerated mode.
  • 4. Pitates exercises in a hammock bring positive emotions. During their execution, you need to concentrate on the movements and maintain the correct rhythm of breathing, which distracts from negative thoughts.
  • 5. “Air Pilates in a hammock” trains coordination and vestibular apparatus.
  • Exercising in hammocks is safe and can be used as part of a rehabilitation program for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and after injuries. Aeropilates, thanks to a balanced load, is often included in the training program of athletes.

    Regular classes in our club will allow you to tighten your figure, straighten your posture and feel your body in a new way. They are conducted by an experienced instructor who explains in detail each movement and gives important recommendations. If you have a desire to get acquainted with the “air pilates”, sign up for the first lesson and enjoy the useful exercises.
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