Aeroyoga y Aerostretching

Aerostretching – a new look at stretching the muscles, ligaments and the whole body. It differs from traditional methods of stretching using special hammocks: the canvases are securely fixed to the ceiling and look like a swing. The design fixes arms or legs at different levels, so aerostatching has two important advantages: an increase in the amplitude of movements during exercises and the ability to use all muscle groups in the work.

What is aerostretching good for?

The main task of any stretching is to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the human body. The effect is achieved through alternating alternation of tension and muscle relaxation. The exercises are arranged in such a way that a person does not experience excessive loads, but gradually worked through his entire body. Classes in hammocks will improve the technique: in the air, you can do what does not work on the floor. In this case, the spine is gently involved in the work, but it does not overvoltage.

With regular exercises, a person notices that exercise benefits him:

Muscles and ligaments become more elastic. There is a feeling that the body moves in a new way: smoothly and flexibly. This protects against joint dislocations and traumatic sprains.

Transformation posture. During training, a muscular corset is built up around the spine, and keeping your back straight becomes much easier. This indirectly affects the functioning of the internal organs: for example, of the heart and lungs, because now they are not compressed.

Improving lymph and blood circulation. Tissues and organs begin to receive more oxygen and nutrients, therefore the state of health and work of a brain improves.

Increased vitality. From the previously constrained muscles and ligaments, energy is released.

Improving the shape. Elaboration of all muscle groups creates a beautiful relief of the body, and in the course of training, calories are actively burned.

Salt deposits and osteoporosis are taking place thanks to exercises that gently engage the joints.

Solving problems related to the nervous system: insomnia, anxious thoughts, chronic fatigue. Exercises in hammocks teach you to relax and enjoy the process.

Our club proposes to engage in aerostratching for everyone, regardless of the level of training. Already after a few sessions, you will be surprised at how flexible and dynamic your body can be.

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