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We create a filled, holistic, harmonious space for wellness practices and yoga.

Hatha yoga by the author’s method flow yoga is a dynamic type of yoga, a natural movement in the “flow”, in the rhythm of breathing. Participants are constantly in motion and this contributes to the maximum concentration and distraction from thoughts. The peculiarity and emphasis of the practice is that the rhythm of breathing constantly directs the attention of the participants into “inward”, eliminating the thought process and, thereby, increasing concentration. All classes are universal and designed for both confident practitioners and beginner level students. This is a fascinating, absolutely creative and active approach to the modern practice of yoga, leading to continuous development on the mat and in life.
INNER YOGA is a balanced practice for ambitious and goal-oriented people who need to be able to cope with a hard work and life multitasking. These are new opportunities for the body and mind for everyone and a successful way of life for everyone. Each lesson is lightness, dynamics, inspiration and drive! There are no “beyond” asanas and no long static forms. The position of the body changes all the time with each inhalation and exhalation, which helps to bring the form and practice to perfection.

Classes are divided into thematic cycles:
a complex aimed at working out the spine, hip, shoulder, knee joints, stretching the shoulders, back and front of the thigh, approaches to the rajakapotasana.

a compact, ultra-efficient set of work on the legs, muscles of the pelvis and perineum, hip joints to perform transverse splits, key principles of working with joints and tendons.

study of the spine: strengthening and stretching the back muscles, back bends, turns, various options for half-bridges, bridges and approaches to them.

development of balance due to the training of muscle groups responsible for certain body positions, keeping the balance standing on one leg, in upturned racks, in lower racks on hands.

the correct combination of stretching, relaxation and tension of the muscles of the ligaments and joints of the legs to perform the longitudinal splits.

the whole cycle is aimed at a very powerful and effective study of the hip, knee and ankle joints + complex on the flexibility of the toes.

a combination of dynamic complexes and static asanas to work out and increase the flexibility of the knee and hip joints. Free sitting in the lotus position.

Yoga is lying! Rigid but effective stretching and strengthening of the muscles of the neck, back, working out the muscles of the back of the thigh, strengthening the abdominal pressure.

aimed at working out the muscles, ligaments and joints of the shoulder, shoulder blades to increase their mobility and strength.

cycle of exercises to work out the deep muscles of the spine. Correct stretching, turning and strengthening of the back muscles. To correct posture, increase spinal flexibility.

cycle of exercises aimed at working out the hip joints, pelvic bones, lumbar spine.

(lower racks) exercises aimed at increasing the strength of the hands for the adjustment of asanas with support on the hands

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